Your Digital Property and Assets

Who is your Digital Executor?

Don't underestimate the importance of naming someone to act on your behalf to access important emails, close down social media accounts or download the family photos you store in the cloud.  

This is not your parents’ estate planning-- digital asset directives in your will and power of attorney documents reflect the fact that an important part of your life exists online. 

Social media and email providers are supremely concerned with protecting user privacy but these same providers struggle with who is authorized to access and shut down accounts after a user passes. By naming a Digital Executor, you reassure online providers that they are acting in conformity with your wishes when they give access to the third party you have named.

This issue takes on added dimensions for business owners who may have invoices and inventory emails accumulating in their inbox or an extensive social media presence to monitor and maintain. 

With so much effort and thought invested in our social, private and business choices online, the correct course of action is to name a digital executor who can be entrusted to responsibly wrap up your affairs.  

My clients find value in the attention I pay to the details, including your Digital Asset Directives. Together we document strategies, legal authorizations, and instructions to address this important aspect of your life.  

Michael Geoghegan