Welcome to NW Strategy & Planning, PLLC.

Let's make a plan that captures your values, vision, and best choices in the face of the unexpected.

I am a lawyer who works with parents to design strategic plans using wills, trusts and other legal planning tools. My clients range from parents with small children to families who are navigating probate to close the estate of a recently deceased loved one. Whether you are concerned about care of your minor children or considering long-term care and well-being of future generations, I'm interested in partnering with you to put a plan in place for your family.

Michael Geoghegan,
Wills, Trusts and Probate Attorney

My job is to guide you through the steps of establishing your family’s secure legal standing in an efficient and responsive way. As a father of two, I have an appreciation for the challenges of making a plan while juggling work and family responsibilities. Part of my role is to get you started and keep the process on track to get to the finish line. 

In my legal background I successfully fought for the rights of marginalized people -- people with few resources and often no strategy to guide them. I’m immensely proud of that work and know with certainty that it makes me a more compassionate and effective attorney.

The Probate Process

The loss of a loved one is a transition time for every family. My flat fee approach is focused on guiding you through the probate process with thoughtful and concise legal support. Probate will include:

  • Naming a Personal Representative of the Estate
  • Settling with Creditors
  • Selling or Transferring Ownership of Real Estate
  • Distributing Assets to Beneficiaries
  • Forming or Dissolving Trusts
  • Closing any outstanding legal issues so the estate may rest
  • All attorney fees paid by the estate on final distribution

If you have probate questions and would like to learn more, book a free 20 minute consultation with me today: Michael@Nwstrategyandplanning.com